GSU leadership directory

The GSU leadership is organized in three tiers: Departmental Representatives, Committee Chairs, and the Executive Board. Our Administrative Assistant is Laurie Hesch. If you have any questions, please contact us here.

Executive board

Professional development committee


Community Engagement / Social committee

Quality of Life committee

Academic affairs committee

2018/2019 Department representatives

 International Student Services & Activities (ISSA)
 Fischer Residences
Nathan Chase, Audrey SeahTheology (Ph.D.)
 Theology (MSM)
 Theology (M.Div/MA)
Talia Strong, Ya (Sophia) SuSociology
J.J. Mitchell, Constantine NovotnySacred Music
Valeria Mora HernandezRomance Language & Literature
Alex Brodersen, Brandy MartinezPsychology
Shana Scogin, Ilana RothkopfPolitical Science
Ashabari Majumdar, Austin NelsonPhysics
William Shankles, Rachel JonkerPhilosophy
Spencer Hunt, Kelsi Ray, Xiaoyi ZhangMedieval Institute
João Santos, Taylor SuttonMathematics
 Literature Program (Ph.D.)
Michelle Sawwan, Carli SteelmanKroc Institute for International Peace Studies
Mehak Anjum SiddiqueiKeough School of Global Affairs (MGA)
 Integrated Biomedical Sciences (IBMS)
 History & Philosophy of Science
Emily T. Smith, Ian Van DykeHistory
 Global Health Program (MA/Science)
Tristan CatesESTEEM Program
Stacy Sivinski, Emily DonahoeEnglish (Ph.D. / MA)
Masoome Otarinia, Soumyadip GhoshElectrical Engineering
Isabel Hanisch, Jianyu (Will) LuEconomics
 Creative Writing Program - English
Louis FaustComputer Science & Engineering
Eryn PritchettClassics
 Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences
 Chemistry & Biochemistry
Jiale Shi, Michael QuevillonChemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Michelle WangBiological Sciences
Melonie MulkeyArt, Art History & Design
Steven Dabelow, Kevin ManleyApplied & Computational Math & Statistics
Brandon Moskun, Kayla HurdAnthropology
 Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering