GSU leadership directory

The GSU leadership is organized in three tiers: Departmental Representatives, Committee Chairs, and the Executive Board. Our Administrative Assistant is Laurie Hesch. If you have any questions, please contact us here.

Executive board

Connor Mullen

Shinjini Chattopadhyay
Co-Vice President

Amy Kryston
Co-Vice President

Professional development committee

Chaz Rich
Committee Chair

Babajide Adebiyi
Committee Chair

Alex LeClair
Committee Chair

Jorge Puma-Crespo
Committee Chair

Community Engagement / Social committee

Ryan Karl
Committee Chair

Fatima Anyekema
Committee Chair

Quality of Life committee

Ashabari Majumdar
Committee Chair

Janeala Morsby
Committee Chair

Stan Letchev
Committee Chair

Sasha Padilla
Committee Chair

Academic affairs committee

Elvis Eugene
Committee Chair

Juliana Vossenburg
Committee Chair

2018/2019 Department representatives

Department address
Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering (AME)

365 Fitzpatrick Hall
Alliance for Catholic Education

AnthropologyHanna Erftenbeck,
Sana Saiyed
E296 Corbett Family Hall
Applied and Computational Math. & Statistics (ACMS)Steven Dabelow,
Anyastassia Seboldt
102G Crowley Hall
114 Walsh Family Hall of Arch
Art, Art History & Design (ART)
Carly Hagins
306 Riley Hall of Art
Bioengineering (BIO)

Biological Sciences (BIOS)Samantha Golomb
100 Galvin Life Science
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering (CBE)
Anshuman Goswami
182 Fitzpatrick Hall
Chemistry & Biochemistry (CHEM)
236 Nieuwland Science Hall
Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sci (CEEES)

156 Fitzpatrick Hall
Classics (CLAS)
Jiagi "Maria" Ma
304 O'Shaughnessy Hall
Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)Ryan Karl,
Pooma Talkad Sukumar
326 Cushing
Early Christian Studies

Economics (ECON)Isabel Hanisch,
Martina Cha
3060 Jenkins & Nanovic Halls
Electrical Engineering (EE)Nico Garcia,
Abhishek Khanna
275 Fitzpatrick Hall
English (ENGL)Joshua Wright,
Oliver Ortega
356 O'Shaughnessy
ESTEEMConor Lynch
111 Leighton & Quinn Halls
Global Health (GH)Leanne Tang
111 Leighton & Quinn Halls
History (HIS)Emily Smith,
Lauren Jean
219 O'Shaughnessy Hall`
History & Philosophy of Science (HPS)

446 Geddes Hall
Integrated Biomedical Sciences (IBMS)

446 Geddes Hall
International Peace Studies (PEASE/IIPS)
Josephine LeChartre
2110 Jenkins & Nanovic Halls
Keough School of Global Affairs - MGA
Theresa Puhr
1010 Jenkins & Nanovic Halls
Literature (LIT)

Mathematics (MATH)Taylor Ball,
Eric Jovinelly
255 Hurley Hall
Medieval Studies (MI/MS)

715 Hesburgh Library
Philosophy (PHIL)

100 Malloy Hall
Physics (PHYS)Stan Letchev,
Atul Kedia
225 Nieuwland Science Hall
Political Science (POLS)

2060 Jenkins & Nanovic Halls
Psychology (PSYCH)
Shereen Khoo,
Bethany Wentz
E384 Corbett Family Hall
Romance Languages & Literature (ROM/LLR)
Lindsay Fieger,
Lora Jury
343 O'Shaughnessy Hall
Sacred Music (DMA/MSM)Erin Wendt,
Emily Bird
S542 O'Neill Hall
Sociology (SOC)Kevin Waitkuweit
4060 Jenkins & Nanovic Halls
Theology - M.A. (THEO)
130 Malloy Hall
Theology - M.Div (THEO)
130 Malloy Hall
Theology - M.T.S. (THEO)

130 Malloy Hall
Theology - Ph.D. (THEO)

130 Malloy Hall
Fischer Residences