GSU leadership directory

The GSU leadership is organized in three tiers: Departmental Representatives, Committee Chairs, and the Executive Board. Our Administrative Assistant is Laurie Hesch. If you have any questions, please contact us here.

2020/2021 Executive board

Ryan Karl
College of Engineering

Janeala Morsby
Co-Vice President
College of Science

Jonathan Takeshita
Co-Vice President
College of Science

Professional development committee


Community Engagement / Social committee


Quality of Life committee


Academic affairs committee


2019/2020 Department representatives

Department address
Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering (AME)
Fernando Alamos Domeyko
Connor Evans
365 Fitzpatrick Hall
Alliance for Catholic Education

Anthropology Hanna Erftenbeck,
Sana Saiyed
E296 Corbett Family Hall
Applied and Computational Math. & Statistics (ACMS) Steven Dabelow,
Anyastassia Seboldt
102G Crowley Hall
Architecture Raul Castano,
Alexander Athenson
114 Walsh Family Hall of Arch
Art, Art History & Design (ART)
Carly Hagins
306 Riley Hall of Art
Biological Sciences (BIOS) Samantha Golomb
100 Galvin Life Science
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering (CBE)
Anshuman Goswami
Neha Mehra
182 Fitzpatrick Hall
Chemistry & Biochemistry (CHEM) Janeala Morsby
Kurtis Breger
236 Nieuwland Science Hall
Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sci (CEEES)

156 Fitzpatrick Hall
Classics (CLAS)
Jiagi "Maria" Ma
304 O'Shaughnessy Hall
Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) Ryan Karl,
Pooma Talkad Sukumar
326 Cushing
Early Christian Studies

Economics (ECON) Isabel Hanisch,
Martina Cha
3060 Jenkins & Nanovic Halls
Electrical Engineering (EE) Nico Garcia,
Abhishek Khanna
275 Fitzpatrick Hall
English (ENGL) Joshua Wright,
Oliver Ortega
356 O'Shaughnessy
ESTEEM Conor Lynch
Leanne Tang
111 Leighton & Quinn Halls
Global Health (GH)
111 Leighton & Quinn Halls
History (HIS) Emily Smith,
Lauren Jean
219 O'Shaughnessy Hall`
International Peace Studies (PEASE/IIPS)
Josephine LeChartre
2110 Jenkins & Nanovic Halls
Keough School of Global Affairs - MGA
Theresa Puhr
Syeda "Fiana" Arbab
1010 Jenkins & Nanovic Halls
Mathematics (MATH) Taylor Ball,
Eric Jovinelly
255 Hurley Hall
Medieval Studies (MI/MS)
William Beattie
Spencer Hunt
715 Hesburgh Library
Philosophy (PHIL)

100 Malloy Hall
Physics (PHYS) Stan Letchev,
Atul Kedia
225 Nieuwland Science Hall
Political Science (POLS)

2060 Jenkins & Nanovic Halls
Psychology (PSYCH)
Shereen Khoo,
Bethany Wentz
E384 Corbett Family Hall
Romance Languages & Literature (ROM/LLR)
Lindsay Fieger,
Lora Jury
343 O'Shaughnessy Hall
Sacred Music (DMA/MSM) Erin Wendt,
Emily Bird
S542 O'Neill Hall
Sociology (SOC) Kevin Waitkuweit
4060 Jenkins & Nanovic Halls
Theology (THEO) Dylan Belton
Angela Zautcke
130 Malloy Hall
M.B.A. Program
Nicholas Tawse
Mendoza College of Business
Fischer Residences