GSU Outstanding TA Award


This $300 monetary award honors a graduate student who has excelled as a teaching assistant. Although Teaching Assistant responsibilities vary across departments, TAs all succeed when they learn and implement the pedagogical skills in which they are trained by their supervising faculty. One or more $100 honorable mention may be awarded at the discretion of the judging committee. The judging committee will be comprised of a jury of peers comprised of graduate students representing all the colleges in the graduate school. Applications will be accepted from Oct 1, 2020 to Mar 1, 2021 for a course taught in calendar year 2020. Post-docs may apply for teaching positions held when they were graduate students.

Application Requirements

Item I should be typed directly into the form in the Google form in the "Submissions" section below. Items II and III should be forwarded to the supervising faculty member, and to the students, respectively.

  1. Applicant’s Supporting Statement (750 words max)

    In this statement, please provide detailed information evidencing the criteria listed in the rubric for this award, e.g.:

    • How do you prepare for your teaching duties? Do you follow through promptly and completely? What are some examples of duties you have excelled at?
    • Describe your relationship with your supervising professor, and with your students. What principles guide you in these relationships?
    • What steps have you taken toward self-reflection and improvement as a TA?
  2. Supervising Faculty Member’s Letter (500 words max)

    This letter should indicate the applicant’s responsibilities for the course and the extent to which s/he has excelled in fulfilling them.

    Forward THIS LINK to the supervising faculty member.

    You may also copy and paste this link directly:

  3. A questionnaire completed by 3 students in your class.

    Forward THIS LINK to the students

    You may also copy and paste this link directly:

Oustanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Rubric

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant FAQs

There is a word limit of 750 words in the google form, which is roughly equivalent to 1 ½ pages single-spaced. You need not utilize the word count completely. You should not need more than 750 words to show evidence of the characteristics listed in the rubric.
You should reach out privately to your supervising faculty member to tell them that you are applying for this award and solicit their support. Then, you may forward them this link:

Submissions (biodata and item I)