Welcome to the Graduate Student Union

The Graduate Student Union (GSU) exists to improve the quality of life for all graduate students at the University both in the classroom and laboratory, library and in everyday life.

Through the planning and support of the council, the GSU endeavors to enhance the quality of graduate education and your experience at the University by:

  • Funding conference travel grants up to five times in a student's tenure
  • Showcasing excellence in graduate student research through the Graduate Research Symposium
  • Advocating for graduate student needs and interests to the university administration
  • Fostering interdisciplinary connections through social activities
  • Providing free and subsidized events both on and off campus
  • Promoting cooperation and interaction with the South Bend community

We strive to meet the needs of students in all disciplines through the suggestions and participations of all our members. We welcome your suggestions as to best meet these objectives for you. We hope that the website provides ample information about the GSU and encourages you to become an active member in the GSU.

Statement on Racial Justice

Dear Colleagues,

In the past few weeks, we have witnessed appalling acts of racism and violence. The Executive Board of the Notre Dame Graduate Student Union unequivocally condemns racism in all its forms, and stands in solidarity with people of color in our community as they confront injustice. Specifically, we condemn the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and other African Americans whose deaths were affected by racial inequality that exists in our society. Several Notre Dame students, administrators, alumni, and their allies have written this past week discussing how to confront these issues of racial injustice, and it is clear this is a complex issue which is not easily solved. Please know that we are aware that the University of Notre Dame is not immune to the malignant effects of racism on our society, and while we still have much to learn about the best course of action for overcoming existing issues, we are committed to fostering diversity and understanding in all aspects of the Graduate Student Union. Past president of Notre Dame, Father Ted Hesburgh, spent many years serving on the Civil Rights Commission to craft policies to support voting rights, employment, housing, education, administration of justice, and public accommodation for African Americans. We feel strongly that his life should serve as an example that one person can have a profound impact on the well being of others. We commit to following his example, and encourage all of you to, in his own words, “be the kind of person who not only understands the injustices of this life, but is also willing to do something about them.”

In that same spirit we will continue working with our members and partners to make programs more diverse and accessible to all students, regardless of their ethnicity. As the GSU Executive Board, we are fully aware that words are not enough in times like this; however, we are committed to being a part of the change needed to make life better for students of color here at Notre Dame. We realize that for us to make a long lasting impact on supporting diversity at Notre Dame, we will need help from the broader community. One of the goals of our platform is to provide a source of sustainable funding to graduate student clubs, and in light of recent events we plan to give priority to clubs that support cultural and ethnic diversity on campus. Please assist us by offering any ideas you may have on how we can support events that promote diversity and inclusion to help deepen the Graduate Student Body’s understanding of racial inequality and the diverse cultures that exist here on our campus. We stand in solidarity with our community as we know that injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere. To all of us who do not identify as people of color, please join this effort as an ally so every student feels they belong on our campus. As one of the most renowned institutions in the world, Notre Dame’s actions stand as an example for other colleges and universities. We hope all of its members will answer our call and truly walk with us in this fight for justice and equality.


In Notre Dame,

The Executive Board of the University of Notre Dame Graduate Student Union