Professional Development (TREC)

What Is “TREC”?

The TREC Committee (Teaching, Research, Ethics, Career) is the professional development arm of the Graduate Student Union. Composed of graduate student volunteers, our mission is to offer information and programming that will help Notre Dame graduate students achieve their goals. We believe that professional development is not just about polishing your academic credentials and technical skills. It’s about building confidence, learning self-awareness, and improving the leadership and communication skills that will help you become successful in whatever post-graduate career path you choose.


The concept of professional development is about tapping into your untapped potential. It is about lifelong learning and growing as an individual. What you will gain in our sessions will remain with you for a lifetime!


Want to learn more about professional development at Notre Dame? Check a few items off your Professional Development Checklist and get free lunch about once a month by joining TREC!

To find out more, contact Lindsay Baxter ( or AJ Lepore (, GSU Professional Development Co-Chairs


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For upcoming events, check out the Professinal Development events page.

Also check out the Graduate School's Professional Development Blog and the Graduate Career Program's Blog.

Check the ND Graduate School Professional Development page regularly for updates, events and resources!


Professional Development Resources at Notre Dame






Other Resources Around Campus:

Gigot Center for Entrepreneurial Studies

The Four Horsemen Society (Entrepreneurship & Innovation)

Innovation Park (Entrepreneruships, Innovation, Collaboration)



External Resources and Interesing Readings:


Versatile PhD (Must subscribe .. but it's free)

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Online Profiles:

Networking and Communication:

Non-Academic Career Paths:

Books the university-wide Professional Development Committee has read for event ideas: