Frequently Asked Questions

If I am sick or injured where do I go to receive treatment?

The first point of care for all Notre Dame students is the University Health Center at St. Liam’s Hall. You can call ahead to make an appointment, or simply walk-in.


I was injured while doing work directly related to my research here on campus (in the laboratory, in the library, etc…), where do I go to receive care?

In cases that are considered under worker’s compensation, the on-campus Wellness Center is your first point of care. When you are checking in at the Wellness Center be sure to tell the receptionist and any medical professionals that your injury is directly related to your work and should be filled under worker’s compensation.


My spouse/child is sick or injured, is there a place on campus where they can go to receive treatment?

If your dependent is covered under the Notre Dame insurance plan, their first point of care is the on-campus Wellness Center. If they are covered by another insurance plan, or are uninsured, they may also receive care at the Wellness Center, however different fee schedules may apply based on the specific insurance plan and the treatment provided. In these cases it is best to call ahead and ask for information specific to your situation. The Wellness Center DOES NOT accept Medicaid or Medicare patients.


I would prefer a different insurance plan, how do I waive coverage under the Notre Dame Insurance?

You must provide proof of a comparable insurance plan by September 15, 2013 in order to waive automatic coverage under the Notre Dame Insurance Plan. Go to the University Health Service website ( and click on “Waive Out/Enroll in Plan.” You will be directed to the Aetna Student Health website where you will need to enter information about your health insurance plan and provide proof of insurance. All decisions about plan coverage and final waive out decisions are subject to review by the University of Notre Dame. Comparable coverage for the 2013-14 academic year includes the following:

Maximum Yearly Deductible: $500

Maximum Yearly Out-of-Pocket: $2500

Maximum Coverage per Condition: $100,000

Maximum Coverage Limit: Unlimited

Maximum Coinsurance: 20%